Kate Burnham, Executive Recruiting Intern

Kate Burnham was born and raised on the Chicago’s North Shore, John Hughes’s favorite place to set a movie. She survived New Trier High School, spending her non-academic hours in between the pipes as a goalie for the hockey and lacrosse teams (no, she’s not completely crazy), assisting the school’s athletic trainers as a member of sports medicine club, and singing with her church choir.

Kate then made the move to beautiful Central New York to live amongst the cows and attend Hamilton College. She is set to graduate the spring of 2023 with a BA in Sociology and minors in Italian and Psychology. If you’re wondering what one does with those academic specialties, you’re not alone! Kate is too, but executive search seems like a successful application of both her people skills and her knack for ending up in research wormholes.

Outside of work, you can find her watching the sports that her broken body can no longer play, cooking (often procrastibaking), proudly honoring the title of “dog mom” to her Samoyed named Nala, or singing along to indie rock songs from bizarrely named bands.

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