Rowand Esmiel, Executive Search Consultant

Rowand Esmiel was born in Ontario, Canada and is often referred to as one of Drake’s leading influences. Rowand studied political science and international relations at Concordia University Chicago before interning at the U.S House of Representatives on Capitol Hill. Afterwards, he attended and received his JD from the University of Illinois with awards in International Law. After some working on political campaigns, Rowand decided to take his expertise in campaigning and negotiating to Ellevate Executive Search in the healthcare technology recruiting field.

In his free time Rowand likes to discuss soccer and win at Fifa, with many people describing him as the second coming of Yaya Toure. Despite not being registered for either of the U.S or Canadian national soccer teams, he insists that he ‘knows a guy’ who promised him a spot on the team at the World Cup.

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