Sarah Abdmahmoud, Executive Search Consultant

Sarah grew up in East Lansing, Michigan where she became a die-hard Spartans fan (go green!). She got her Bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Sciences from Michigan State with the intention of pursuing her love for food and health. However, growing up in a family restaurant business paved her a different path. Following her degree, she opened up a branch of her family’s Mediterranean restaurant where she grew a few grey hairs and gained a new family.

After two years of managing the restaurant and eating lots of good food, she decided to pursue an MBA in Supply Chain and Organizational management from Wayne State University in Detroit. This led her to an internship in Seattle, Washington working for a large manufacturing company for trucks. She met her current husband in Seattle and decided to live the Pacific Northwest life for a couple of years.

Coming from a large extended family in the Midwest, the itch to be closer to home moved her to Chicago, where she plans to settle down. Between all of the moves, she’s done quite a bit of traveling, hiking, concert attending and of course food exploring. She loves meeting and connecting with people and is looking forward to using her “fast-paced hustle” skills gained from the restaurant business in the recruiting world at Ellevate.

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