Hire Ellevate. We get it. Done.

  • Our core values are honesty and integrity. We tell it like it is. We practice transparency and if we don’t know something, we don’t pretend like we do.
  • We are true partners to our clients. We don’t just take orders. We ask questions so we can truly get to know our clients. We share insights in regard to recruiting and the marketplace in an effort to help guide a client in the right direction.
  • We believe in quality, not quantity. We strive to understand your business and your needs so that every candidate we send you is someone you will want to speak with. We don’t waste your time. We do not flood you with resumes for you to weed through. That is our job. We do all the screening and only send you the very best.
  • We have industry insight. Because we are talking to clients and candidates daily, often times, we know which companies are hiring, laying off, reorganizing, merging, etc. before the news hits the press. We also know what the compensation structures are at many organizations and can advise clients on what the market rates are for their open positions.