Don’t take our word for it, listen to our clients’…

Cindy has the rare ability to “listen” to her clients and understand what type of person they need for the role they are looking to fill. I view her less as a vendor and more as a true partner and advisor when I have an opening in sales and marketing. She doesn’t waste our time by sending candidates who aren’t qualified. If you are in Healthcare Technology and are looking to fill an important role, Cindy and the Ellevate team should be on your short list.

—  CRO for a workflow automation software vendor

We worked directly with Cindy to hire our sales leadership and sales team in Pittsburgh. I had not worked with Cindy previously, and I will definitely work with her again. I highly recommend her. Cindy helped us define the specs for the sales positions and then identify many qualified candidates. The team is now in place and we are more than pleased. Cindy’s team did the heavy lifting with identifying, screening, making the offer and reference checking. It was easy, efficient and her sense of humor made it fun working with her.

— CEO of Digital Therapeutics Company

Cindy Hudgins has become my go-to resource for all of my staffing needs. She has set herself apart from other recruiters in her ability to truly understand the needs of my business, the fine gradients that distinguish a “good” candidate from a “great” one, and to help lead both the candidate and me through a logical, timely process. Because of the trust she’s developed, I have hired over 15 stellar candidates from her during the 3 years I’ve known her.

— VP of the Americas for a predictive analytics scheduling software vendor

Cindy is not only one of the best recruiters I’ve ever used, she’s one of the best sales professionals I’ve ever come in contact with. She is professional, thorough and consistently exhibits a high level of the right selling behaviors. I appreciate how she actively seeks to understand first before trying to sell anything and regularly worked to further refine her understanding in order to better serve me, her client. Moreover, I have found Cindy to be a terrific communicator and a person of integrity and honesty. She quickly became a trusted advisor for me in the pursuit of building out the most important thing to my business which is the talent I have on my team.

— SVP Sales for a coding software and services vendor

I would call Ellevate Executive Talent a game changer when it comes to finding the right individual for a position. LinkedIn has become the hunting ground for recruiters with generic emails about “fabulous opportunities” for professionals, but Ellevate Executive Talent takes the time to research and vet a potential client before sitting them in front of a employer. And by that time, they have not only found the best candidate for the position but is confident that this change will propel the candidate forward along their career path!

— Lana Davis, RN BSN, Healthcare Analyst at Privis Health

I’ve known Cindy for approximately 5 years and have used her in three separate organizations for VP-level searches in Sales and Account Management. Cindy invests the time with me to understand my specific needs and any nuances of the position that would alter candidate selection. She has a solid knowledge of the healthcare market and a strong network of quality contacts so brings me qualified and vetted candidates. Her attention to detail, professional approach and sense of humor make her a pleasure to work with. I strongly recommend Cindy to anyone looking for a great firm to help grow their business.

— VP & Chief Revenue Officer for a Wellness/Disease Management Solutions Company

I’ll also send something over to the CEO personally that explains this would not have happened without you. I had blown off every recruiter for over a year and you ripped me out of a job. Literally. That is what a good recruiter can do. You did an amazing job.

— SVP Sales for a population health analytics software vendor (former candidate turned client)

We asked the team at Ellevate to help us find 25 experienced sales professionals to join our team! This was an ambitious goal, as we needed people from coast-to-coast, yet Cindy and her team accepted the challenge. They listened to the traits and qualities we desired and set about recruiting and reaching out to top candidates in a very strategic way. They were extremely thorough when it came to pre-qualifying, which saved time on our end. Ultimately, they presented us with talented individuals who they believed would be a great fit. Very few missed the mark. In fact, in less than 100 days, we have filled every position with bright, enthusiastic individuals who are anxious to show us what they’ve got. We have worked with other recruitment firms in the past with mixed results. Give the team at Ellevate a try! You won’t be disappointed.

— HR Director, Mobile Device Charging Stations Manufacturer

Ellevate Executive Talent is fantastic. They not only invest the time to understand the details of the company and role they are filling, but is great to work with as a candidate. They bring a work ethic that puts others to shame, and devote the time to understand what a candidate is seeking in their next opportunity. The Ellevate Executive Talent team has a solid understanding of the healthcare technology landscape, and great interpersonal skills that truly make her a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend both candidates and hiring managers jump at the chance to work with Ellevate Executive Talent

— Regional Sales Executive at Rev Cycle Management SaaS-startup

I have utilized Cindy to source top quality candidates within diverse industries. She is dedicated to each search and always delivers talented prospects for every role. I highly recommend Cindy for her innovative, outside-the-box methods of sourcing top quality candidates.

— Head of Talent Acquisition for a mobile workforce SaaS solutions company

Cindy has worked on a number of searches for me that have concluded with us hiring several new employees. She has always been able to develop a pipeline of talented candidates for our review and consideration. Cindy is a true partner and she works hard to understand the inner workings of our company in addition to our culture and values.

— Head of Talent Acquisition for a leading consumer packaged goods company

Chante is a bulldog. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Chante on about a half-dozen searches, and she has been consistently persistent in tracking down candidates, making sure they’re prepared for each step of the process, following up to advance the cycle, and making sure we have a great fit. I can enthusiastically recommend Chante to any hiring manager who needs to hand off a project to someone that they know will follow through – and keep at it until it’s done successfully. I’m looking forward to working with Chante on my next sales searches.

— Managing Director for a leading procurement software vendor

Yes, I definitely recognize the value of a good recruiter. The problem is they are difficult to find. You are one of very few.

— Chief Revenue Officer for AI medication optimization software & services vendor

Cindy is a true professional, and has incredible insights when it comes to people. She has provided our company with excellent candidates that we have turned into employees! We are more than satisfied with the work she’s done for us, and highly recommend her as a top notch recruiter!

— Head of Talent Acquisition for a medical simulation software and services company

Our Candidates have an opinion too…

Livia, thank you so much for finding me and reaching out at the right time with the right language that made me take the call! I’m so glad I did. I love my role at Interlace Health.

— Dessiree Paoli, Senior Solution Marketing Manager, Interlace Health


Livia is the best Search Consultant I’ve worked with! She is prompt and communicative, as she made sure to reach out to me personally with each new update during the process. We connected regularly on the phone before and after interviews, creating a fully supported environment. Whether you are a company looking for quality talent or an individual on the search for a new adventure, I highly recommend working with Livia!

— Sophia Oliveira, Partnership Manager, Motivo

I wanted to take this time to introduce you to Cindy Hudgins with Enterprise Recruiters. Cindy is based out of Chicago and is one of the best recruiters that I have worked with! Cindy is able to quickly engage qualified candidates, work as an advocate on behalf of the employer and make the candidate feel as if they have a trusted consultative representative on their side.

— Angie Merkel, Health Integrated

Livia is the best Executive Search Consultant I have ever worked with. She made me feel comfortable from the very beginning. Every time I spoke to Livia, I never felt like I was being interviewed. She treated me like a customer, as opposed to a potential candidate. She knew a lot about the company, and her communication was phenomenal. I knew what was happening every step of the way. Words cannot express the experience I had working with Livia. She set the bar high, and I truly appreciate her.

— Amber S.

I have spoken with a few recruiters over my career and can honestly say that Cindy is the best that I have spoken to and work with. I would highly recommend Cindy and feel that she could help you with your staffing needs in Louisville as well as in Chicago. Cindy brings a professional approach to her networking, which allows her to connect talent with the most appropriate career opportunities. She takes the time to understand the needs of the business and the culture of the organization so that hires become long term team members.

— Jonathan Newton, Senior Sales Executive at Eliza Corporation