David Dahowski, Executive Search Consultant

Born and raised in one of the finer Dariens of the world, Darien, Illinois, David is a recent convert to recruiting. A proud Double Illini, he received both his B.A. and EdM from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. To preempt the obvious, he still hasn’t forgiven Sean May for 2005. After stints in the fields of athletics, education, and law, David sought to work in a field where he could marry his love of qualitative analysis with a desire to help others find their way in the world, which brought him to recruiting. Although new to the field, David hopes that his efforts will help more people find positions that they’ll find both engaging and rewarding.

In his free time, he enjoys powerlifting and singing with local bands. In spite of the latter, he still gets nervous every time he steps on stage.

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